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Tips of Starter Motor Troubleshooting

Check the battery cables and check the terminals for corrosion. Clean the corrosion and if you need replace the battery or cables. Check the wires to the starter and the solenoid for breakage, corrosion or cracks. Be sure your battery is charged enough to perform starting functions. if you have done the steps above and still have problem starting your vehicle, then you have to change your starter motors and use a new
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starter motor

The starter motor engages with a gear on the flywheel of the engine, to crank the engine, in order to make it fire.
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How alternator works

The alternator is designed to keep the car battery fully charged, it is not designed to charge flat batteries. They are on the whole very reliable and will spin away for years without failing. They work by producing alternating current (hence alternator). The current is produced through a series of windings, which sit in a steel (normally) housing around the one moving part of an alternator. This winding is called th
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how to inquiry

if you want to inquiry some products, please provide us your reference number, fox example, OEM, WAI, LESTER, OR CARGO etc,and tell the quantity, we will answer you as soon as possible
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